It’s not just about throwing axes would you believe, it’s about rejecting the norm and immersing yourself in something very different! Axe Junkies Urban Axe Throwing is all about getting together with friends and family and enjoying something completely different. Nothing beats that feeling of sinking your axe into the bullseye for the first time. Be warned…it’s addictive!

As crazy as it may sound, axe throwing is a real skill! It’s not just about chucking an axe at a wooden target and hoping it sticks. Which is why we have our AXE-PERTS on hand to help you perfect your technique. They make it look easy but with the right tuition and practice you’ll soon be hitting the target! Don’t forget the ask them to show you some trick shots (they can’t resist showing off).

Whether you are on a first date (legendary activity for a first date might we say), enjoying family time, catching up with some mates or looking for a more tailored package, we have something for everyone!

So what are you waiting for? Come and try this addictive sport…it really is darts on steroids!